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Nathan Lord

Austin, TX
Hi, I’m Nathan - founder of MathMoji. I graduated from Stanford with degrees in Management Science & Engineering and Computer Science, and received the President’s Award for Academic Excellence.

After graduating, I worked in finance for a year. While working, I talked to parents and read many articles about how much elementary school parents and students were struggling with the new Common Core math. I always loved learning and tutoring students in math growing up, so I decided to quit my finance job and launch MathMoji.

MathMoji is a website that makes math as fun and as easy as possible. It makes math fun by relating concepts to whatever the student is interested in (sports, music, animals, etc.). It makes math easy by offering the only dynamic step-by-step video calculator online (for over 30 Common Core methods). Simply enter any problem you have (e.g. 135 x 48 Area Model method), and watch your very own custom video solution, as if a teacher were solving it right in front of you. We also offer the most advanced customized fun worksheets online, with URLs below each problem that link to the video solutions. So far I’ve gotten very positive feedback from my users!

Check out the MathMoji intro video here:
Check out the MathMoji website here:

I’m looking for people to help get MathMoji (especially the worksheets functionality) into classrooms and school districts, and also looking for people who can help market it online. I’d also be interested in talking to companies interested in partnering, and VCs interested in funding.