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Wednesday, March 11

1:45pm CDT

Round Table - Looping: Learning with Familiar Faces
During your K-12 education, did you ever learn from the same teacher for more than 1 instructional year? A resounding “no” is the typical response, yet the research suggests the alternative, ‘looping,’ is superior for everyone. In this session we meet Mark Rogers, a teacher who has made a career of teaching kids for more than a year.

Session Structure:
1) Determine who is in the room by a raise of hands (teachers, administrators, after-school enrichment coordinators, early learning center leaders, counselors, psychologists, consultants, entrepreneurs, researchers, parents, who did I miss?)
2) Ask audience to estimate the number of teachers they had across their K-12 education to magnify the issue
3) Explain looping and its research-backed outcomes across the K-12+ spectrum
4) Explain the challenges for learners adjusting to content along with adjusting to personality and teaching styles
5) Call to Action: ask attendees to proactively approach leaders or instructional staff at their learning institution to encourage looping (explain how the call to action differs whether you’re a teacher, administrator, parent, or other interested party)

Learning Outcomes:
1) Learners will be able to explain why looping is a critical component to a child’s education.
2) Learners will develop advocacy skills to promote looping upon exiting this session.
3) Learners will be inspired by unique and diverse stories of looping and carry this energy back home as looping advocates.


Mark Rogers

Austin Achieve Public Schools

Wednesday March 11, 2020 1:45pm - 2:30pm CDT
Front Porch
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